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The Book:

The Shepherd's Rug - A braided wool rug from roving

Table of Contents

Part I - The Fibers
  • A little history
  • Types of fibers
    • Wool
    • Medulated
    • Kemp
    • Pigmented
  • Fiber development
  • Felting Fibers
Part II - Getting Started
  • Fiber management
  • Fleece Selection
  • The Joy of Washing Wool
  • Color Options
  • Basic Supplies and Equipment
Part III - The Braid
  • Preparing the Roving
  • Braiding
  • Tips
  • Felting Braids
Part IV - The Rug
  • Choosing the Rug Shape
  • Planning a Rug Size
  • The Spiral Oval Rug
  • The Butted Oval Rug
  • The Spiral Round Rug
  • The Butted Round Rug
  • Chair Pads and Mug Rugs
  • The Rectangular Rug
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Taking Care of Your Braided Rug
Part V - Rugs from Breeds
  • Karakul
  • Cotswold
  • Dorset
  • Icelandic
  • Jacob
  • Leicester Longwool
  • Lincoln
  • Navaho-Churro
  • North Country Cheviot
  • Romney
  • Shetland
  • Mohair Blends
Breed Rugs - Photographs


"This book is an asolute 'must have' for every shepherd and fiber artist! A complete yet simple guide to creating a treasured heirloom or totally marketable product."

Nancy Krohn
Bluff County Shetlands

"The Shepherd's Rug reflets deep love and knowledge of sheep, literature, and the process of braided rug making."

Peggy H. Powell
County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sicence

"You'll learn so much more than the braiding process... The Shepherd's Rug provides you with all that is needed to create your own beautifu, long-lasting braided wool rugs...I enjoyed the quotes and poems sprinkled throughout the book."

Peggy Lunquist
editor/publisher Black Sheep Newsletter

"These two women shepherds have shared and compiled their years of experience and knowledge into a fine volume that is not only a welcome addition, but one that... has long been missing from the library of fine craft."

Gwen Heffner
Curator and Information Specialist
Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea

By Julie Owen, in the Black Sheep Newsletter, issue 127, Spring 2006, page 24:

"The Shepeherd's Rug is how-to, sort of do-it-yourself book with lots of large, clear illustrations by Diane C. Howell and photographs by David C. Hunt. The authors, Letty Klein and Ann Brown, have created a book that will inspire readers and encourage them to make their own rugs. They provide extremely easy-to-follow instructions on how to do it.

"Klein and Brown not only provide instructions but The Shepherd's Rug provides an excellent introduction to the wool fiber, its types and variations among breeds and its development or growth on the animal starting in utero on the fetus. As a shepherd, I found this section fascinating.

"The next section of The Shepherd's Rug is about caring for wool... from husbandry, to washing the shorn fiber, dyeing it if desired, and preparing it to be made into roving for rug braiding. Next the book moves on to the supplies needed and then to the "meat" of the book... how to make lovely rugs. First the braiding technique is discussed, followed by rug design options, and then putting it all together.

"Rugs made with wool from different breeds of sheep is the subject of the fifth part of The Shepherd's Rug. This includes the authors' favorite, the Karakul, as well as ten other breeds plus mohair blends. After author biographies and a glossary there is a 20 page section of color photographs of rugs made from the various breeds of sheep previously discussed.

"Additionally, in the generous margins of the book, the reader will not only find many illustrations, but also interesting tidbits of information... quotes from antiquity through contemporary and biblical, nursery rhymes, poems, and other interesting goodies.

"I feel privileged to have been asked to review this book. My mother-in-law, of pioneer stock, saved every scrap of fabric and worn-out clothing (salvaging the sound parts) to be used in making quilts and braided rugs. Her work is beautiful and functional and although one of her braided rugs is on our floor, I have never been inclined to make a braided rug. Having read The Shepherd's Rug, I am having second thoughts."

Julie Owens
Sheep Hollow Farm and Fiber
Estacada, Oregon

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