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The Ewes:

RVF Fayette-Dawley

RVF Fayette
PLF Nuris

PLF Nelsa
RVF Fayette-Dawley is a pure Dawley ewe, a 1997 daughter of RVF Midnite-Dawley (deceased) and RVF Jetta-Dawley. PLF Nelsa with her fall ram lamb, PLF Montez' Nuris. She is a rare non-fading red (Moorit?).
PLF Thelma

PLF Thelma
PLF Panda

PLF Thelma is a rare white ewe from two black parents. Thelma is sired by a 'Hagerman' ram and won the Yearling ewe class at MS&WF in 2000, while her white twin, Theo, was named Champion Ram. Their dam was our famous and prolific PLF Helga. Panda is one of our favorite old ewes. Born in 1987, Panda was from the Glotfelty flock in Pennsylvania, but her bloodlines are originally from Frank Baylis' old flock in Virginia. This bloodline has a strong "white-poll" characteristic and a wavy fleece. Her lambs are phenomenal.

Two different types of ewes:
On the left is a brown ewe, PLF Josie. Josie is a fall '99 daughter of RVF NiteJet-Dawley and is a Koch granddaughter. She won the Senior ewe lamb class at MS&WF in 2000 and was Reserve Champion Ewe at NAILE 2001. PLF Josie and PLF Hioni On the right is PLF Hioni. Hioni is a big bodied Helga-daughter sired by Gustav. She was Champion Ewe at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in 2000 as a lamb, and Champion Ewe at NCWGA National Show in Derry, PA later that summer.

Three Dawley ewes This shows three Dawley ewes in front, from left to right, RVF Sylvia-Dawley, RVF Jetta-Dawley, and the jet black one is a Fall 2000 born PLF NiteJet's Felise-Dawley. The light colored red ewe in the back is Goldie, a big Hagerman ewe.

PLF Ewes PLF Rams PLF Lambs

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